Mission & Vision


Alibaba GDT Network

Alibaba GDT Practitioner Certification

Students who demonstrate achievement of the GDT Practitioner Capabilities and complete the GDT Program are eligible to apply for and obtain the Alibaba GDT Practitioner Certificate.

Alibaba GDT Network Membership

The GDT Network aims to bring industry-insights, digital economy best practices, and action-based learning to its member educational institutions around the world.

The GDT Network equips member universities with up-to-date educational material developed by the GDT Network including; detailed syllabi and curricula, case studies, case videos, instruction manuals, pre-prepared PowerPoint presentations, leading industry research reports, curated reading materials, and the Alibaba GDT Cross-Border eCommerce Simulation Platform.

GDT Network Instructor Professional Development

The GDT Network provides training for academics of member universities at the Alibaba Headquarter in Hangzhou, China. Expert trainers provide trainees an overview of the GDT program structure and an immersive experience of Alibaba’s ecosystem and the Chinese digital economy.

Certified GDT Instructors will continuously be supported by the GET Network to maintain their currency and remain at the frontier of business education in the digital era.

GDT Network Academic Community

Join the GDT Network Academic Community of scholars to share ideas, build relationships, and find new ways of innovating your practice. The community is growing every day and offers you the opportunity to build your global presence.

GDT Network Academic Conferences

As a member of the GDT Network, we regularly invite you to the most engaging and informative events across the industry. We aim to promote academic cooperation, drive research initiatives, and exchange the most up-to-date knowledge through international education symposia.

GDT Network Career Services

The GDT Network is establishing an expansive network of organisations who recognise the Alibaba GET Practitioner Certificate as a global industry standard. We recommend certified students for job opportunities within the GDT Network. As the GDT Network expands, so do the opportunities within it.

GDT Network Start-up Competition

Students get to showcase their achievements and encourage the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship by participating in GDT competitions and challenges arranged to feed the furnace of ambition.

GDT Digital Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

GDT Boot Camps are intensive but highly rewarding entrepreneurship training programs. Students get first-hand experiences living the Chinese digital economy while being lectured by digital economy experts, Alibaba executives, and young Chinese entrepreneurs as they develop their own business project.